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Sunbee Scales app for beekepers


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Sunbee Scales app for beekepers

Web and mobile apps for our own hardware product of beehive scale. It is based around our own IoT system OneCore which is a dynamic backend aggregator from the devices. Web app serves collected data analytics, comparison, the preview of the data, alarms, and expert advice for beekeeping. It has experimental data based on Faculty of Agriculture, University of Osijek models and it is flexible to support virtual (soft) sensors created from arithmetical and logical operations on real sensors. Beekeeping expert system is embedded in the app.


Provide a high quality digital hive scale interface for beekeepers, easy to use software, at a marketable price.

  • Date

    March 1, 2018

  • Skills

    Android, iOS, Web backend, API, Swift, Android Java, PHP Laravel, Node JS, React JS, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

  • Client

    Tavu d.o.o.

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